The Scratchophone Orchestra is an unsual arrangement, the offspring of the combined experience of four devout and accomplished musicians. These last 10 years Clément Royo (machines / programming, percussions, guitare), Aurélien Mourocq (clarinet, vocals), Armand Delaval (electric double bass) and Gabriel Bonnin (violin / programming) have toured throughout France and abroad at the heart of various musical groups, both swing and nomad (Les Voleurs de Swing, Les Noces Gitanes, Martine on the Beach, Le Gipsy Jukebox, Eldorado, Fingers in the swing).

It is with the maturity born of the passage of time that they concieved a fusion of swing and contemporary music, the fruit of which is the Scratchophone Orchestra. They offer a refined electro-swing where the voice of Aurélien, skillfuly blends a hint of contempory colour with samples of legendray jazz singers. In the same search for balance, the clarinet and violin merge with the distinct sound of the music of New Orleans in the thirties.

It is when seen live that the band is at their very best. With the artful use of scratches and a lively, syncopated beat the dancefloor is really put to the test for the duration of the show!

The Scratchophone Orchetra masterfully demonstrates that electro-swing can be living, vibrant and sensitive music… It is also damned effective at getting the crowd on their feet to boogie!


The Band


DJ Royo

(Mix/schedule, Percussions, Guitar)

Clément Royo


Le Gitan

(Clarinet, singer)

Aurélien Mourocq


Le Baron

(electric double bass)

Armand Delaval


Mr Bonnin

(Violin, schedule)

Gabriel Bonnin