Shibuya Showcase Festival

29 Sep 2018 Tokyo (JAPON)


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A band whose music comes from the perfect balance of
harmonic conventions & stylistic individuality

Scratchophone’s tunes cut into the raw material of 30s swing into the very current
influences dazzling the electro-swing movement. The Scratchophone Orchestra mixes
the current musical styles of today with the most iconic rhythms of the 30s while utilizing
compositions produced around vocals ultimately electrifying the dance floor.

The Scratchophone Orchestra originally formed in the summer of 2015. The
Scratchophone Orchestra is composed of band members, Aurélien Mourocq, « The
Gypsy » (Chant & Clarinet), Gabriel Bonnin (Violin), Clément Royo aka DJ Royo (Beats,
Drums & Guitar), and Armand Delaval, « The Baron » (Double Bass). Over the course of
twenty days they composed their first 10 tracks while still in the midst of searching for a
band name. They already had a show booked and their first 10 tracks were performed at
their first concert together. Following their initial compositions and performance, they
coined the name Scratchophone Orchestra and continued to compose music and book
more shows.
The Igloo, Scratchophone’s booking agency, supports them and takes care of their overall
development which allows the band to play shows quite often. In 2016, the
Scratchophone Orchestra performed some of its first major concerts (Jazz under the
apple trees, Music Street) in the middle of a 40-show tour which at the time shed light on
some of the most respected names of the electro-swing scene. During this time,
Scratchophone recorded their 2nd EP and created several self-produced video clips that
anchored the band’s aesthetic.
After this explosive first year, the band devoted the first few months of winter to create a
new repertoire and in 2017 began touring; playing shows anywhere from Parisian clubs
to jazz festivals. The tour focused mainly on France but also on Germany, Switzerland,
Italy, and Luxembourg. With their new repertoire and reworked scenography,
Scratchophone made remarkable appearances on stage under the leadership of DJ
Royo. This gave way to their release « Mr Trump », which was released unpublished in the
compilation Electro-Swing of Bart & Baker at Wagram Music France.
At the end of 2017 the band signed with the label Cristal Record & music publishers WTPL
and Woof Music. This brand-new collaboration set Scratchophone on the path to the
release of their first album « Plaisir Moderne”, set for release in March 2018.
After the recording of the album « Plaisir Moderne”, the shooting of two new clips and the
creation of the show’s lights, the Scratchophone Orchestra will begin their 2018 tour,
marking their musical maturity. The album is set to include 12 titles with French and
English lyrics, resolutely anchored in the style electro-swing. While mixing samples and
vintage sounds in a more contemporary format with HipHop and House accent, the band
paid special attention to the balance between instrumental music and electronic
production conclusively perfecting the method that has created some of Scratchophone
Orchestra’s top hits.